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Sometimes there can be the wrong kind of light to take a good photo
Trying to explain that it’s the wrong kind of light to take a picture sounds like a photographer’s excuse – and in some cases it probably is. But trying to take a portrait in bright, midday sun without the aid of shade, a reflector or flash? Or attempting to shoot a sharp action shot at dusk? Yes, there can be the wrong kind of light, too much of it, or not quite enough for quality photography..

“Yes, I dream of buying a lens/camera that costs more than our car”
We’re all painfully aware of how expensive camera equipment is. That doesn’t stop many of us wanting more of it. Longer lenses. Faster lenses. How about a Hasselblad? From the outside looking in, it’s easy to balk at the price that well-heeled photographers are prepared to pay for their kit. But have you seen the price of high-end hi-fi or AV equipment?

Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean they take better photos
Unlike non-photographers, most of us can probably pick out ‘all the gear, no idea’ photographers a mile off. You know the ones: they have an abundance of camera kit and wear it like jewellery. Splashing a serious amount of cash on cameras can make you appear more serious about photography, but just because someone can afford a Leica doesn’t make them a leading photographer – in the same way that owning an expensive computer and word-processing package doesn’t turn you into an entertaining writer.

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aice films is a brand that devotes itself into the arts of production of motion and still graphics and provides this services for your brands and business.

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